A2 English Literature

In your second year exam unit (LITB3) it you will explore the nature of Gothic literature by studying three texts: Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights, Christopher Marlowe's Dr Faustus and Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber.

Your A2 coursework module (LITB4) is designed to widen your range of reading and give you some control over the direction you want to take. It is also designed to help you think about what literature actually is and how we can study it in different ways.

In this module you will study 3 texts. The first is a shared text: Tony Harrison's The School of Eloquence. The second is a novel of your own choice to compare with Harrison. the third is the course's Critical Anthology which will introduce you to some literary theory and ideas about the nature of literature and literary study.

Course Outline

Your A2 course is made up of two modules of study. Each has a unit of assessment.



Exam or Coursework

Time or Length

Weighting in A Level


Texts and Genres

Exam (closed text)

2 hours



Further and Independent Reading


2 essays 2700-3500 words